Why we’re here: A journey from Damascus to Berlin

Chapter I: Leaving Damascus

Mohamad grins as he tells me “My cousins also came by boat but from the west. Each one suffered in a different way. The thing that annoys them the most is that I got on the ship without getting any water on me. They were like ‘Wait, what? You go from the shore, to the boat without water? Then the boat and the ship without water? How did you do it?’

Chapter II: The Five Star Trip

“At that point, my brother and I said no. We would never give away all our money and go in a boat into the unknown. My work wasn’t depending on anyone; it was internet; it was like water for people. People ask for water and then Wi-Fi, so I thought I would keep working. But a lot of my cousins didn’t have work and it wasn’t safe to work anymore. They lost their jobs. They had to go. At that point the place they knew they could live, and the rumour at the time, was Europe. We didn’t know what the smugglers would do with the people. People don’t care and will go through with it.”

Chapter III: Why we’re here

I met Mohamad on his walking tour of Berlin called ‘Why We’re Here’. On it Mohamad tells of the war in Syria as he leads listeners through the streets of central Berlin, comparing historic sites to Syrian history to give under-informed people (like me) an accurate viewpoint of what has happened and is happening.

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